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First Rivet

February 2022 - A step backwards to go forwards.
By Brian Garrett
Posted: 2022-02-16T03:58:47Z

I hit a very significant snag this week which was a bit upsetting. The right wing inboard flap hinge actually was the wrong part - even though I am very certain it was labeled as a right wing part. I don't have proof of it, but I am not sure how it got by my wife and I during that part of the build. I discovered this when I was preparing to align the flaps and ailerons on the right wing and could not get the aileron to attach without a very significant amount of bending - which then of course pushed the aileron into the flap. So it very clearly was very wrong. Because of that, I reached out to the factory and they confirmed there isn't anything I can do beyond replacing that part. Of course this is discovered only after the top skins and wing tips are installed. To correct it their recommendation is to remove the wing tip and top skin as well as the rib with the hinge on it so I can replace the hinge.

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