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Fly-in Planning Overview

By Bill Marvel, Fly-in Committee Chairman

Welcome to one of the Association’s premier activities! If you’re reading this page, it is likely you are interested in hosting a CPA event, want to learn something about doing that or have hosted a Fly-in previously and need a refresher on current procedures.

The following pages are a generalized plan which takes you through everything from identifying a destination to writing a summary article afterwards. While your event may deviate somewhat from these guidelines, you will still find them helpful. This may seem a bit intimidating at first, but keep in mind that the head of the Fly-in committee is always available to help you sort through any questions and guide you to the finished product. You’re never alone at any point!

Hosting a CPA Fly-in is a key aspect of our success. For many years, members have stepped up to meet this challenge and make the Association what it is today. Each of us who has hosted a prior event started with the same questions and uncertainty you may have now. Rest assured it isn’t difficult and no special training is necessary. It takes some basic organizational skills and a desire to create an enjoyable trip for you and your fellow members.

The initial key to simplifying the process is starting early to get your “ducks in a row” by identifying a destination and what we will do once there. Much planning can be done well ahead of your event’s start date and that greatly simplifies your job.

Below you will find a series of seven rectangular buttons which provide information in a logical progression from general to specific. The first three buttons are step by step planning procedures. Those procedures in turn refer to the last four buttons, which display sample forms and documents. These samples are from past Fly-ins created by different CPA hosts to give you an idea of various approaches.

Read through the top line of buttons a couple of times before you start planning. If you have any questions, you know who to contact! I’m always available at

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