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Where are the Classifieds?
By Brian Garrett
Posted on 2/12/2020 7:28 PM
Switching over to a new website often can be a challenging prospect at times.  With the CPA change it was no different.  The organization had a way of doing things and the previous website had a certain flow to how it worked.  These changes aren't often a one-to-one process and new ways of thinking or doing things have to be thought through.

I haven't spent much time in going over some of the features under the CPA Member tools recently as I've been super busy working on the upcoming fly-in material.  There will be an announcement on that project here shortly, but in the meantime - let's talk about the classified section.

Under the CPA Member Tools section you will find a line item titled "Discussion & Classifieds"  As the title suggests, this is where our discussion area is at as well as any classifieds will be.

There are a few categories to try to keep things somewhat organized.  Under the Classified, we have "Colorado Classifieds"  "For Sale" "Wanted" and "Partnerships"

I created a section called "Fly-discussions" where discussions of current fly-ins, past fly-ins and future fly-ins have a home.

Under General Discussion, we have a CPA Discussion forum, if you find a great location to fly into, there's the proverbial $100 hamburger location and then CPA Website tips and tricks.

We also are including a bit further down on the page a section for Mountain Flying.

If there is a section you'd like to see where it doesn't fit under a specific category, please let me know and I will be happy to create the area of discussion.

If a conversation or thread is particularly lively, you may also subscribe to that particular thread.

For now, this is the best way I have found to provide the service we had on the previous platform.  Currently it is for members-only.  Let me know if you think this section should be open to the general public and I will work on changing it.  Basically I have viewed certain areas within the CPA umbrella to be a value-added prospect for members who join us in our collaborative community.

Thanks - Brian
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