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Welcome to the CPA fly-in program. This program originated a number of years ago when a small group of CPA members met at a member’s home to discuss the idea of group-flying to interesting destinations in the western portion of the U.S. This meeting has grown to a much larger, annual gathering that we now consider our “Christmas in January”. Our destinations are widely varied in geographic scope; they are remarkably interesting and fun; and the aura surrounding each event is almost magical. We have fun!

We plan destinations both near and far to support those of all flying skills and with varying aircraft capabilities. If you’re new to flying, many of these flights are of a distance that should be comfortable for you to start building that time and experience that we pilots all strive for. If you’ve been flying for awhile and are getting stale flying within 50 miles of your home base, use this program to expand your horizons and bring the joy of flying back into your life. Our members are engineers, doctors, landscapers, computer scientists, auto mechanics, ATC controllers, lawyers, educators and more. You’ll make friends from all walks of life enjoying the common bond of aviation.

Around two to three months before each fly-in, registration info will be published. Announcements will be made under “Fly-in Events” in the “Calendar” section; emails will go out to members; and an announcement will be posted in the monthly edition of our newsletter FLIGHT LINES. You may even find the information on our Facebook page. They will offer the details that matter the most such as times to arrive, FBO info, specific scheduling info for events, happy hour plans, hotel info, transportation info, and the cost for each fly-in. Generally speaking, the CPA charges to cover the costs involved and makes no money on the event.

Our adventures aren’t just about the shear joy of flying, but are also about the common bonds that we as aviators enjoy. We’re social creatures, and combining great times with friends, who have a common love of flying, is about as wonderful as this life can get. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed! This is one of the most cordial groups of people you’ll ever meet. Check out our fly-ins below and see for yourself the wonders that are in store this year.

Note: If you’re a pilot from one of the surrounding states, we’d love to have you join us. Just register on the website as the rest of our members do. That’s all that’s required. Yes, you can save money by becoming a CPA member.

Happy flying!

Bob Kinney, Chairman
Fly-in Committee
 Registration Dates are six weeks out from the event to allow for final planning.  Please click on the image below to learn more about each fly-in once the fly-in is open for registration

Saratoga Wyoming (120nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Carlsbad New Mexico (455nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


White Sands New Mexico (425nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Taos New Mexico (209nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Gallup New Mexico (316nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Steamboat Springs Colorado (88nm)

Registration Opens on 5/30/2020

July 11th and 12th 


 Dillon Montana (460nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Broomfield BBQ (0nm)

Registration Opens on 7/18/2020

August 29th 


Big Bear Lake California (657nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Trinity Site and Spaceport America
(Truth or Consequences New Mexico - 413nm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19