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Mountain Flying Instructors

Select the image above to go to a comprehensive list of CPA Approved Mountain Flying Instructors.  From here you'll find a list of instructors covering all types of aircrafts, all highly qualified to teach the finer points of flying in the Colorado Rockies.

Mountain Map Legend of Colorado

Click on the image above to go to the CPA custom map highlighting important map information about flying in the Colorado Rockies.  Items include Backcountry Airports, Mountain Airports, past GA accidents, Mountain AWOS, 14'ers and Mountain Passes.

CPA Mountain Flying Course

If you're flying in Colorado, or thinking of flying in the Rocky Mountain Region, this ground school mountain flying course is a MUST to attend to stay safe while flying in the higher country.  Offered twice a year, please click the photo for registration information.

Mountain Passes Commonly Flown

Looking to fly through Colorado and aren't sure which pass is suitable for your trip?  Take a look at this textual break out of the passes which are traversable through the Rockies.